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Re: Gesucht: Lippenbär (Stand 17.04.)

Verfasst: Mi 17. Apr 2019, 20:07
von Dazipo
You can tell by the lines on her face,
you can see that she's been there.
Probably been moved on from every place
'cause she didn't fit in there.

Oh, think twice - it's just another day
for you and me in paradise.
Oh, think twice - it's just another day
for you, you and me in paradise.
Just think about it, just think about it.

Re: Gesucht: Goldkronensifaka, Giraffengazelle (Stand 26.04.)

Verfasst: Fr 26. Apr 2019, 01:05
von Dazipo
Tonight I want to see it in your eyes,
feel the magic,
there's something that drives me wild.
And tonight we're gonna make it all come true
'cause girl, you were made for me
and girl, I was made for you.

I was made for lovin' you, baby,
you were made for lovin' me.
And I can't get enough of you, baby.
Can you get enough of me?

Re: Gesucht: Goldkronensifaka (Stand 22.05.)

Verfasst: Mi 22. Mai 2019, 15:55
von Dazipo
Show me a smile then,
don't be unhappy.
Can't remember when
I last saw you laughing.
If this world makes you crazy
and you've taken all you can bear,
you call me up
because you know I'll be there.

And I'll see your true colors
shining through,
I see your true colors
and that's why I love you.
So don't be afraid to let them show
your true colors,
true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow.

Re: Gesucht: Goldkronensifaka, Holstein-Rind (Stand 28.05.)

Verfasst: Di 28. Mai 2019, 18:04
von Dazipo
Right from the start
you were a thief,
you stole my heart,
and I your willing victim.
I let you see the parts of me
that weren't all that pretty
and with every touch you fixed them.

Now you've been talking in your sleep, oh, oh,
things you never say to me, oh, oh.
Tell me that you've had enough
of our love, our love.

Just give me a reason,
just a little bit's enough -
just a second, we're not broken, just bent
and we can learn to love again.
It's in the stars,
it's been written in the scars on our hearts:
We're not broken, just bent
and we can learn to love again.

Re: Gesucht: Schuhschnabel, Marabu (Stand 15.07.)

Verfasst: Mo 15. Jul 2019, 01:49
von Dazipo
How can you just walk away from me
when all I can do is watch you leave?
'Cause we've shared the laughter and the pain
and even shared the tears.
You're the only one who really knew me at all.

So take a look at me now -
well, there's just an empty space.
And there's nothing left here to remind me,
just the memory of your face.
Oh, take a look at me now -
well, there's just an empty space.
And you coming back to me is against the odds
and that's what I've got to face.

Re: Gesucht: Schuhschnabel, Marabu (Stand 16.07.)

Verfasst: Di 16. Jul 2019, 06:59
von Dazipo
A new day, you can go,
you can do anything you wanna.
It's your play, swing low,
go high anywhere you wanna.
You can reach for the moon,
anywhere your dreams could take you.
Go astray, fade away,
just leave it to yesterday.

Here's to my future,
here's to my yesterday.
Here's to change,
oh, here's to my yesterday.
No tomorrow without a yesterday.
Here's to my future,
goodbye to yesterday.

Re: Gesucht: Schuhschnabel, Marabu - biete u.a. Arapaima (Stand 17.07.)

Verfasst: Mi 17. Jul 2019, 07:45
von Dazipo
When blue ethereal winds arise
and stars begin to paint the skies,
then don't be scared, just close your eyes.

When veils of silence lay them down
and noone seems to be around
I'll be there for you, wait for you
the whole night through.
Good night - I love you.

Re: Gesucht: Schuhschnabel - biete u.a. Arapaima, Osterhase (Stand 19.07.)

Verfasst: Fr 19. Jul 2019, 17:52
von Dazipo
I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me.
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy.
I need somebody to heal,
somebody to know,
somebody to have,
somebody to hold.
It's easy to say, but it's never the same -
I guess I kinda liked the way you numbed all the pain.

Now the day bleeds into nightfall
and you're not here
to get me through it all.
I let my guard down
and then you pulled the rug -
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved.

Re: Gesucht: Schuhschnabel - biete Goldfasan, Wapiti, Osterhase (Stand 21.07.)

Verfasst: So 21. Jul 2019, 07:45
von Dazipo
Hey Jude, don't be afraid -
you were made to go out and get her.
The minute you let her under your skin,
then you begin to make it better.

And any time you feel the pain,
hey Jude, refrain,
don't carry the world upon your shoulder.
For well you know that it's a fool
who plays it cool
by making his world a little colder.

Re: Gesucht: Schuhschnabel - biete Mhorrgazelle, Rotwagenhornrabe, Wapiti (Stand 22.07.)

Verfasst: Mo 22. Jul 2019, 15:20
von Dazipo
Like the legend of the phoenix
our ends were beginnings.
What keeps the planet spinning,
the force from the beginning.

We've come too far
to give up who we are.
So let's raise the bar
and our cups to the stars.
She's up all night 'til the sun,
I'm up all night to get some,
she's up all night for good fun,
I'm up all night to get lucky.
We're up all night 'til the sun,
we're up all night to get some,
we're up all night for good fun,
we're up all night to get lucky.